Sarah Ann. History major. Atlanta. 21.
Southern by the grace of God.
I work on organic farms.
I could listen to NPR or the National all day
I have a dog.

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You are still the only thing and everything I need in my life.

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  • Always say yes to seeing friends
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Recognize that positive change rarely happens overnight
  • Accept the fuck-ups, but try not to let them happen again
  • There is a song to remedy every situation on the planet
  • Appreciate the people in your life
  • Look for the good in everything
  • Try new things and try them often
  • Treat yourself as well as you treat others

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This is one of my favorite photographs ever. I’ve watched 4 documentaries on civil rights, racial violence, and the KKK this evening. I’m tired but Im pretty jazzed about where this paper is going.

"Whatever it is you don’t want them to see or hear or know, you can bury it. You can bury it so deep, you won’t find it yourself anymore. But you’ll wish you hadn’t."

- Jack Benjamin, Kings (via winterkristall)

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Steven Blum’s photograph from the Poor People’s Campaign of 1968, courtesy Emory University’s SCLC collection, was turned into a 30-foot-by-40-foot mural at Auburn Avenue and Hilliard Street.

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This is by my house (kind of)

Today was my first day on the floor at my new job and everyone was so nice and I made a lot of money. One of the other servers snuck me some chips when I was starving and a table said they only wanted me to be their server. It was a really great day that made me feel important and competent which are some feelings everybody needs more of.

What lies before me’s a future that’s stormy; a winter that’s gray and cold
Unless there’s magic, the end will be tragic and echo a tale that’s been told so often

My life revolves about you. What earthly good am I without you?
Oh, I tell you I mean it: I’m all for you body and soul

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